OpenBCM V1.08-5-g2f4a (Linux)

Packet Radio Mailbox


[San Dona' di P. JN]

 Login: GUEST


Little Help overview for newbies of the websurface from OpenBCM mailbox.

The menue on the left means the following:

* Commands:
- in the inputform all kind of mailbox commands can be typed in and
  will be executed if ENTER is send
- home
  back to the beginning (connect text)

* User:
- Userlogin (only if you are currently logged in as GUEST)
  Click here, if you want to login with your own callsign
- Create account (only if sysop has set variable httpaccount in init.bcm)
  You can create an own http account by clicking here, if this item is
  not visible in the menue, you have to ask the sysop for an account
- Remove cookie
  removes the browser cookie on the user pc, in which the browser stores
  the login callsign and password

* Mail
- List usermail (only if logged in as user)
  Shows the last 20 mails of the logged in user
- Send mail to sysop (only if you are currently logged in as GUEST)
  Sends a mail to the sysop of this mailbox
- Send mail (only if logged in as user)
  Sends a mail to a user or a board
- Check boards (only if logged in as user)
  Shows all board mails since last setting of checktime
- Set checktime (only if logged in as user)
  Sets the checktime to the current time
- Newest 300 mails
  Shows the latest 300 mails of the checklist
- Board overview
  Shows all boards
- OpenBCM News
  Shows the board BAYBOX

* System
- Login stats
  Shows login statistics
- System logging
  Shows system log
- S&F stats
  Shows current forward status
- Stucked usermail
  Shows not forwarded (stucked) usermail
- Show processes
  Shows all mailbox processes
- Current users
  Shows currently users
- Version
  Information about mailbox software version

* Help
- Help index
  Shows online help of all commands
- Help for newbies
  Shows this help

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