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[San Dona' di P. JN]

 Login: GUEST

OpenBCM V1.08-5-g2f4a (Linux)
   QTH: San Dona' di Piave (VE), Italy * JN65HP
	      Sysop: IZ3LSV Cristiano
	     Cmd: <I>nfo  <H>elp
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	        This is a Ham Server
If you do not have a regulating ministerial licence, please
logout. Thanks

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To get a login with write permission write a mail to sysop
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  Solo RADIOAMATORI con licenza possono usare questa BBS
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Per ottenere l'accesso completo, invia un messaggio al Sysop (S IZ3LSV)
o dal menu' MAIL <Send mail to Sysop> con il tuo nominativo e una
Password (MAX 8 caratteri !!!!).

Port access:
 9600bps 430.600MHz 
 1200bps 144.625MHz
 Da rete SuperVozelj: C BOXLSV
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